Importance of the Resilient Cities Campaign

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The World Disaster campaign “Making Cities Resilient” (2010-2011) aims at getting mayors, local government, and national authorities to take action towards making cities resilient as part of sustainable urbanizations. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage the nominated cities to apply the 10 checking points.


The UNISDR will provide support in the following activities:


Organization of policy dialogues, workshops, and other campaign-related events at the global and regional level. 

“Induction packages” for local governments on urban risk, in collaboration with training centers and academia, promoting capacity development and learning opportunities for cities and local government in each region. 

Information and knowledge support: 

  1. Hosting an interactive web space for the campaign in collaboration with campaign partners, compiling and disseminating support tools for planning, vulnerability assessments and other areas of intervention for cities' resilience . 
  2. High visibility media events and communication tools to publicize the work of participating cities and mayors, and promoting awareness-raising events to be held by partners during the International Day for Disaster Reduction on the 13th of October.

The UN-Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction 2010-2011 will prioritize nominations from cities who participate in the campaign.


 How is Lebanon involved?


With the support of the DRM unit, 270 municipalities have joined the campaign so far. Additionally, a workshop was organized on the role of local governments in reducing risk and preventing disasters. This two-day workshop aimed at bringing together the group of local government officials that expressed interest in committing to the “Making Cities Resilient Campaign”, in order to enhance their knowledge and capacities with respect to disaster risk reduction and its integration in city planning and local development. Ninety-four municipalities, Qaemakams, and unions of municipalities from the different regions in Lebanon participated in the workshop, attended by Margareta Wahlstrom, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for disaster risk reduction.


Moreover, the DRM unit supported a delegation consisting of 15 representatives from Lebanon (including four municipalities) in their attendance at the Global Platform in Geneva. The Municipality of Byblos and the Municipality of Baalbeck have started coordination with the municipality of Venice and the municipality of Geneva, respectively. As more municipalities and unions from the different regions of Lebanon join the campaign in the coming year, the DRM unit will continue its support in order to identify their specific needs to support the development of local DRR work plans, based on the global template developed by UNISDR.

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