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A tsunami is a series of mighty water waves that is caused by the displacement of a large volume of a body of water due to earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions that can take place in the sea floor or bottom of the ocean.

• Find out if your home, school or workplace are in tsunami prone areas and identify safe routes to leave from such areas in the event of a Tsunami
• Listen to the radio for information and pay attention to the warning signs, siren sound, etc.

During Tsunami
• If you are on the beach and feel the earth shake, or notice sudden rise or drop in the sea level there is a possibility of a Tsunami coming, immediately go to higher ground or go to the top floor of a tall concrete building or climb a tall tree and stay there.
• Be prepared to evacuate the place based on authorities instructions.
• Stay away from the sea and do not go back to watch the Tsunami.
• If you are in a boat, stay out at sea. Do not try to come back to the shore

After Tsunami
• Avoid disaster areas that are flooded with water.
• Stay away from debris in the water;
• Return home only after local officials tell you it is safe.
• Do not assume that after one wave the danger is over. The next wave may be larger than the first one.
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