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Landslide describes a wide range of slope down movements of rock, earth or debris due to gravity, especially in the rainy season. There are natural causes of landslides such as the slope angle, rock erosion, undercutting, etc., but also human activities such as inappropriate construction, deforestation, mining, etc. significantly increase the probability of a landslide. Rapid development projects, which are not planned environment friendly, cause landslides in short term

Although landslides occur in limited areas in many Arab countries, but they cause heavy casualties and damage to property. In Lebanon, many regions located in river banks and steep slopes are exposed to landslides. Their risk increases in some locations along geological rifts, such as Al-Yamoni, Wady Al-taym and Raas Al-Shaqaa.

The following are things you can do to protect yourself, your family and your property from the effects of a landslide or debris flow:
Before a landslide:

• Become familiar with the land around you. Learn whether debris flows have occurred in your area. Slopes where debris flows have occurred in the past are likely to experience them in the future.
• To begin preparing, you should build an emergency kit and make a family communication plan.
• Learn more about landslides that have occurred in the past in the region in which you live
• Avoid building near steep slopes and in valleys prone to corrosion factors
• The changes in the terrain, the inclination of trees, and the appearance of cracks on the roads and the foundations of the houses and buildings, are indications of the possibility a landslide in the area where you live.
• Heavy rains on slope areas for long periods can cause landslides
• Contribut to planting trees within slope areas and on cliffs, as the roots of the vegetation helps cohesion especially close to mountain edges.
• Park your car away from steep slopes.

During a landslide

• In case you have to evacuate with your family, do so immediately by moving away from the direction of the landslide.
• If the landslide took place near a river or dam be alert to the possibility of the occurrence of flooding.

After a Landslide

• Remember: one slide can follow another. Be careful and stay in a safe place.
• Help injured people and those who need evacuation support
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