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 National Field Simulation in Mount Lebanon

The national field simulation also contributes in building the capacities of the operation rooms, which were established in the regions, and in concerned ministries. During the exercise a field operation room, was operating onsite, involving specific field response agencies. The Lebanese Armed Forces, the Internal Security Forces, the National Security, the Civil Defense, and the Lebanese Red Cross participated in the implementation of this simulation, which took place at a factory in the region of Safra. The event was attended by the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Governor of Mount Lebanon Mr. Fouad Fleifel, the Secretary General of the Higher Council of Defense and Chairperson of the National Disaster and Crisis Response Committee Major General Muhammed Kheir, the UNDP Country Director Mr. Luca Renda, the Ambassador of Switzerland Mr. Francois Barras, Mrs. Francesca Varlese representing the European Union, Mr. Raphael Juge Attaché de Sécurité Intérieure at the French Embassy, Head of Cooperation at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Mr. Philipp Beutler, Mr. Enrice Perdosas from the Embassy of Spain, Head of the Lebanese Red Cross Mr. George Kettaneh, high ranking officers from the Lebanese Army, the Internal Security Forces, and Civil Defense and several other dignitaries.
Major General Muhammed Kheir inaugurated the event by thanking all the agencies that participated in the exercise, for their efforts and their commitment. He explained that the simulation aims at testing the response plan of Mount Lebanon Governorate in addition to putting into action the Mobile Operation Vehicle, which is activated onsite and involves all field responders. He added that this is the third simulation organized by the DRM, last year in Saida, and in 2014 another national simulation was organized in the city of Byblos. General Kheir explained that these exercises were essential in order to update the National Response Plan and to enhance coordination between all concerned agencies. General Kheir reiterated the Lebanese government's commitment to enhance Lebanon's capacities in preparing to disasters.
The Swiss Ambassador Mr. Francois Barras, reiterated his country's commitment in helping Lebanon build its capacities in disaster risk management and emphasized on the importance of prevention and preparedness as key for an effective disaster management strategy.

From his part Mr. Luca Renda, said "today's exercise is one of a series of both field and table top trainings that have been conducted throughout the year at different sectors and governorates. These exercises aim to enhance knowledge of plans, allow members to improve their own performance, and identify opportunities to strengthen the capabilities to respond to hazards and risks." On behalf of the UNDP he congratulated all participants for their serious efforts and engagement, wishing them luck in making this exercise a success. He added "the importance of this simulation lies in the lessons learned and the integration of the results in future planning. Any mistakes made today are valuable assets that will prevent us from making fatal mistakes if, God forbid, Lebanon might face real disasters." Mr. Renda saluted the efforts of the Lebanese government in achieving several milestones to make Lebanon more resilient to disaster risk.

Finally, Mr. Fouad Fleifel welcomed "all the participants in this important exercise". He said that "strengthening disaster risk management capacities for Lebanon" project is among the priorities of the Lebanese government. He thanked the UNDP for their support in making Lebanon more resilient to disaster risk. He also thanked Germany, Netherlands, SDC, the European Union, and the government of Kuwait for their generous support to the DRM project.
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