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 Workshops on response plans in Nabatiye, Baalbek, Akkar, Mount Lebanon and Bekaa

The UNDP DRM Unit at the Presidency of the Council ministers is helping local officials, on the Governorate and Caza level across Lebanon, to develop response plans and related activities including operation rooms for disaster risk in line with the national response plan. In this context the project organized workshops in May and June in the Governorates of Nabatiye, Baalbek, Akkar, Mount Lebanon and Bekaa to support Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) committees in setting up their respective response plans.

In addition the project is establishing additional operation rooms with adequate IT and administrative office equipment within the governorates of Baalbek, Bekaa, Mount Lebanon and Nabatieh. This project is achieved with the support of the project’s donors among them the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Kuwait Fund, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the European Union, and the Lebanese Recovery Fund/Germany.
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