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 Tabletop exercise

A table top exercise was conducted on the 30th of October 2013 at the Grand Serail. It is the first of its kind in Lebanon, and was implemented at the request of the Prime Minister, and with the decision of the National Coordination Committee (NCC) - whose primary mandate includes coordinating disaster response. The exercise functioned within the framework of the National Response Plan (NRP), and had the objective of testing the NRP in terms of inter-ministerial coordination in the event of a disaster.

Participants in the exercise included Prime Minister Mikati, President of the NCC and Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the defense General Kheir, UNDP Country Director Mr. Luca Renda, members of the NCC (including the generals directors of the concerned agencies), members of the technical committee, army command operations, representatives of the Internal Security Forces, Civil Defence, the Lebanese Red Cross, the Beirut Fire Brigade, and the DRM Unit Manager and team.

The importance of the table top exercise can be highlighted by the fact that it ensures a holistic management approach and strategic coordination in response to disasters, caters to actual needs and maximising the management of resources, information, and disaster mitigation.

The exercise, which reflected response to a man-made disaster of an explosion, was characterised by its professionalism and the serious work put into preparing the simulation, putting the different roles and responsibilities of concerned agencies into practice, and highlighting the importance of conducting trainings of this kind in order to increase future disaster preparedness. The importance of this exercise also lies in the cooperation among all concerned agencies and bodies in one location through a National Operations Room in order to unify efforts and coordinate response.

As a result of the successful exercise, the Prime Minister called the NCC to an urgent meeting directly after the explosion that took place in Jnah, as a part of the response plan. Currently, the UNDP is supporting the government in equipping the National Operations Room for natural and man-made disasters management so it can be fully functional and operational, and aid in mitigating disaster.

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