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 Table top exercise at the National Operation Rom for Disaster Risk Management

15 July 2016

The UNDP Disaster Risk Management Unit (DRM) at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers organized, in collaboration with the Euromed PPRD South II program, a training and table top exercise at the National Operation Room (NOR), at the Grand Serail of Beirut from 11-15 July 2016. The training main focus was to strengthen the NOR capacity of management and coordination of emergency situations in the context of international assistance. During the training, a table top exercise was conducted, using the scenario of an earthquake. Participants were asked to prepare a work plan and to accomplish tasks related to their fields, accordingly to the national response plan. In fact, the training which was a pioneer exercise, gathered all focal points representing the sectors and agencies within the NOR. It offered an opportunity for the participants to work and coordinate together for the first time since the launch of the NOR last year. On the final day of the week long session, a closing ceremony with closing remarks and certificates was held in the presence of Prime Minister Tammam Salam, the UNDP Country Director Mr. Luca Renda, the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Mr. Fouad Fleifel and the Secretary General of the Higher Council of Defense and Chairperson of the National Disaster and Crisis Response Committee Major General Muhammed Kheir.

PM Salam visited the NOR and was briefed on the week long training and the results of the table top exercise. He praised the efforts of all the participants and organizers, stressing the importance of such exercises as they increase the level of preparedness. The Prime Minister hoped that Lebanon would be spared such disasters, adding that it is reassuring to know that Lebanon is prepared to respond in an effective way to disaster risk and to avoid their dire consequences. PM Salam reiterated the government’s commitment to strengthen Lebanon’s capacities in disaster risk management. In this context, he praised the role of the UNDP through the DRM Unit for all their efforts and engagement in helping Lebanon to become a resilient country. He also thanked the European Union and the Euromed PPRD South II program for their efforts in building the capacities of the DRM committee, by organizing a several workshops and trainings. PM Salam also thanked the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the German Embassy, the Kuwait Fund, and the Netherland government for their support to the Lebanese government in general and to this project in particular.

Mr. Luca Renda said he was impressed by the progress achieved during the last four years in disaster risk management. He added that the UNDP duty was to support the Lebanese government to achieve the higher level of preparedness to disaster risk. He explained that “It is a privilege to have a working unit at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Council Minister, and this shows the commitment of the Lebanese government in building the countries capacities.” Mr. Renda thanked PM Salam for his essential support to this project. He also praised the role of Major General Muhammed Kheir and the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of ministers Mr. Fuad Fleifel. Finally, Mr. Renda expressed his gratitude for the SDC, which supported this project since its start. He also thanked all the donors for their commitment hoping that their support will continue for the coming years. Major General Muhammed Kheir hoped that the expertise provided by this workshop, would be integrated in the work of the concerned agencies in order to strengthen and build up Lebanon’s capacities for disaster risk reduction. He also praised the UNDP’s continuous support to the Lebanese government highlighting the role of the UNDP DRM unit in helping the government achieve important milestones, in building up Lebanon’s resilience. Mr. Laurent de Pierrefeu, Disaster Management expert at the Euromed PPRD South II program felicitated all the participants for their hard work and serious work during the training. He added “we are not experts, we are facilitators. We showed you the way and now you will have to lead. You have made the first step by participating in all the trainings and workshops, and today you have all the tools in your hands and we are confident that you can do the job.” At the end of the ceremony, the participants, who represent several agencies, ministries and institutions responsible of response to disaster risk within the National Operation Room, were awarded certificates for their successful participation in the table top training exercise.
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