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 Opening of the National Operations Room

With the presence of his Excellency Prime Minister Mr. Tamam Salam, the opening of the Disaster Risk Management Room was held in the Grand Serail, on the 27th of May, in collaboration with the UNDP disasters management project, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Germany.

Attending the opening were the minister of social affairs Mr. Rashid Derbas, minister of environment Mr. Mohammad Machnouq, and minister of information Mr. Ramzi Jreij, Secretary-General of the Supreme Commission for Relief General Mohammad Kheir, Swiss ambassador Mr. Francois Barras, German ambassador Christian Clages, and the ambassadors of Belgium and Japan, UNDP country director Mr. Luca Renda, as well as representatives from the Lebanese army, Internal security forces, Civil Defense, Lebanese Red Cross.

Prime Minister Tamam Salam assured that, “Risk reduction is the responsibility of the Lebanese Government, and Lebanon is working on all level to establish a work mechanism to achieve that. We assure our commitment to risk reduction and would like to thank the UNDP, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Swiss, German, Italian and Turkish embassies.” Swiss ambassador Francois Barras stated that, “Switzerland highly appreciates the commitment of the Lebanese Government and the progress on the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) file in parallel to the huge responsibility it is undertaking to coordinate the Syrian refugee response in the Country.”

He added, “to date, Switzerland has contributed around CHF 5 million on disaster risk reduction projects in Lebanon and continues its support to national, regional and global DRR initiatives. Through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Switzerland works to support government institutional capacities to ensure a strong basis for implementation of national DRR plans.”

German ambassador Christian Clages said, “It is my understanding that in the process of this work, the emphasis shifted from relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction to prevention and risk reduction, in close cooperation with the UNDP and other international partners of Lebanon. The objective was and is to minimize the impact and consequences of disasters when and wherever in country they occur. I am proud that my Government could support these efforts with 830.000 Dollars via the Lebanon Recovery Fund.” Luca Renda, UNDP country director, said, “ We gathered last December in this very room to present the “Lebanese Crisis Response Plan”, under the auspices of HE PM Salam. We, the United Nations, in partnership with the international community, reiterated our commitment to provide maximum support to Lebanon in these challenging times – and in particular, to increase our support to central government institutions. The establishment of the Operation Room today falls within the scope of Plan, and is aligned to its central objective of preserving the country’s stability.”

At the end, Secretary-General of the Supreme Commission for Relief General Mohammad Kheir announced the launching of Disaster Risk Management Room inside the Grand Serail, and demonstrated the role of the Lebanese Army, The Internal Security Forces, Civil Defense, and Lebanese Red Cross in containing the risks, aiding the people and minimizing the damages. Also he showed the role of the ministries of social affairs, interior, health, and public work in providing safe shelters and rebuilding.

After that the attendees took a tour inside the National Operation room of Disaster Risk Management Room where they were introduced to work system it follows. They were shown how it covers Environmental Monitoring, humidity, rain, winds, temperature, snow level, and rain level. It also gives statements in case of floods, fires and the vegetation and humidity in the area of fire to foresee the movement of fire and to where it could expand.

It is worth to mention that the project strategy was set in 2013 in collaboration with international organization and data collection about the distribution of Civil Defense and Red Cross, hospitals, and most endangered areas.
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